Four Steps to Living Intentionally

Thinking (intentionally) about how I can be more intentional this month, I decided to outline a process for myself.  You can find my cutie-little infographic at the bottom of this post.

Merriam-Webster defines intentional as “done in a way that is planned or intended.”  Being a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda girl, I usually don’t intend on doing much, and then I am never disappointed.  As I once mentioned in a scholarship interview when asked where I see myself in five years, “I just go with the flow, so, we’ll see.”  (Hint: when people are seeking a candidate to gift a large amount of money to, this is not the answer they are looking for when discussing said candidate’s future plans.)

As I reflect on my 29 years, and really stretch my imagination to muse over my next 29 years, I admit that living intentionally is something I just. have. to. do.  To be short: I want more from myself.

This summer, I have been giving myself some tough-love in these areas where I notice a need for improvement. Typically, I just stir in a bottle of my own anxiety, and get a whole lot of nothing accomplished.  Lately, I have used that motto that I held tightly to when I launched this blog: You just have to start.  Who knows how it will end up or what the journey will be like before reaching the end, so why worry about that now?  Just start.

That being said, I still really didn’t know where to begin when I decided to be intentional about the way I am living.  There are so many improvements I hope to make, it just does seem overwhelming when I consider them all, so, where and how do I start?

Lists. I am a list maker it’s in my DNA.  Gramps makes lists; mom makes lists; I make lists.

I listed out a process for myself to follow this month as I strive for intentionality.  It looks like this:

beintentional pictograph

First thing, then, I need to find places in my life that need a-fixin’.  To avoid that sinking feeling of too-much-on-my-plate, I chose 4 areas that could be improved; one per week.  Along with that, I began brainstorming some ‘fillers’ – ways I could be more intentional in the areas I listed.


I focused more on the first area, since I would tackle that this week.  Once I listed some manageable ways to tweak my daily schedule, I wrote these things in my planner, and every day, I will check them off when completed.  At the end of each week, I will see what worked and what didn’t and plan accordingly for the next week.  Make sense?  So far, so good…. but it’s only Tuesday 😛

plan to fail color.jpg


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