5-Step Fruit and Veggie Smoothies

I do loooove smoothies!  What I like most is that every time I make them they turn out slightly different.  I know there are a lot of people out there that use actual recipes and measurements for smoothies, but that is not how I roll when it comes to most things in the kitchen.  Even when I use a recipe for something, I rarely bust out the measuring spoons and cups to get things going.  I like to pretend I’m on the Food Network and just “eyeball” all of the amounts.  What?  You don’t do that?  😀

5-step Fruit and Veggie Smoothie:

  1. Add something that will bind your ingredients together like a banana, an avocado, or 1/2 cup of egg whites.

2. Add a chunk of  frozen spinach- maybe a half cup size if you like to measure things.

3. Add frozen fruit.  I try and buy organic berries, and for me, peaches are a must almost every time I make a smoothie.

When you’re finished adding fruit, your blender should be about this full:img_5562

I decided that I wanted to add some kale on top of this.  So, I did-maybe a cup full?  Next come the liquids….

4. I typically go with orange juice and skim milk, but you can add any combo of two liquids that you prefer.  Some people like almond milk or coconut milk or whatever.  Try a few different types to see what you most enjoy.  Halfway up with one liquid and then cover the top of the fruit and veggies with the other. (Note: Kale seems to float, so you will never get it all covered with liquid!)

5.  Sweeteners and extras come next.  For this type of smoothie I go with two scoops of Chia seeds and a tablespoon or two of honey.  Chia seeds will remain a bit crunchy (unless you have a super awesome blender that liquefies them) so if the crunch will bother you, then just opt for something else.  You can use Flaxseed and/or a teaspoon of vanilla extract as other options.  If you prefer to make this a protein shake, add a scoop or two now before sweetening.  Blend up and then decide if you need an additional sweetener.

Blend up until you get something that resembles a gorgeous gray-green oatmeal color.  It tastes way better than it looks, and it’s packed with all that healthy goodness.  A blender-full usually yields 5-6 servings.  They will last about 2-3 days in the fridge.  Enjoy!


What other smoothie flavor profiles would you like to see?  Drop me an idea in the comments!

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